I Finally Have A Soda Stream And I’ll Never Shut Up About How Good It Is

Water cools you down, makes your skin glow, keeps you hydrated, makes your pee clear – it’s magic! But it’s not enough.

Drinking still water just doesn’t cut it for me anymore, I’ve changed. Stick with me here, I have an incessant need to always have a bottle on me and if I don’t, I feel instantly dehydrated. As magical and refreshing that water can be, sometimes I get a mad craving for soft drink. (I picture a very dramatic ‘dun dun dun’ here.)

There is a really big wellness push to cut out soft drink- that is, if you don’t feel like ballooning to the size of an apartment building, of course. It’s like any kind of addiction though, it’s hard to stop because it’s JUST. SO. GOOD. Without sounding like an early 2000s TV infomercial, boy, have I got the solution for you!

When moving house, a friend gave me the best possible housewarming gift I could have dreamt – a SodaStream. Now look, I know what you’re thinking… I’m a secret spy planted here to sell you a SodaStream. WRONG, SodaStream doesn’t need you, you need SodaStream.

My beauty is the perfect shade of pastel pink (matching the aesthetic of my house, no less.) and it’s taught me to love again.

We’ve only been together for a few months now, I haven’t let my SodaStream out of my sight. Its truly the love of my life.

Carbonated water is underrated as heck and has been critiqued to no end for trying to be fancy. Let me just say, just adding a few bubbles to your still water makes you feel like THAT bitch. It is SO good for those soft drink cravings without any of the excessive sugar, so your calorie-counting, yoga-doing friends can get off your damn back.

Some may say I have been going a bit overboard with my SodaStream because I haven’t consumed still water in a month, but they’re the losers here. I have no regrets at all, only that I didn’t do this sooner.

Get yourself a SodaStream

Not Spon


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