7 Things To Make Life Not Suck So Bad

Life sucks a lot of the time, and not just for you. Selfishly, we think we’re the only ones that feel like the walls are crumbling because you can’t find the time to put on a face mask and do 5 minutes of yoga, like the experts tell you to do.

On a personal level, I’ve grown immensely and learnt how I want to live my adult life as I grow out of my cringey emo phase where I used to yell at my mum saying she ‘didn’t understand me’. Sound all too familiar? Do you feel seen?

Look, in no way am I claiming to be an expert at life. To level with you, I’m terrified, but these things have helped me stop wanting to burst into tears all the time. (Well, most of the time.)

1. Embrace uncertainty

Change has always been one of the spookiest things in the world to me. I love consistency and having a routine to follow and I absolutely despise when something messes with that. Sometimes embracing a terrifying change can be the best thing for you. Take the leap – try out a new study path, quit your job, move house, fly to Europe – whatever life throws at you, take the opportunity. It can be invigorating to be barrelling headfirst into the unknown, even if you’re scared as hell.

2. Don’t let the little things get to you

Are you still salty at that girl in 4th grade who stole your favorite markers? It’s finally time to get over it. Letting insignificant and petty gripes take over your mind distracts you from what’s important. Family, friends, hobbies – the things you actually care about.

3. Nobody is thinking about you as much as you think they are

It’s so easy to get consumed in your own mind and think that everyone is constantly staring at you and judging your every move. I can promise you – that’s not happening. At all. People are way too stressed about the exact same things you’re worried about to take any more notice of you than you take of them.

4. Eat your vegetables

THIS SEEMS SO SILLY. But heck, eating a single vegetable can just make you feel so much better. This isn’t gonna be deep like the other ones, just snack on a carrot every once in a while and you’ll thank me for it.

5. You’re more capable than you think

Everyone has a tendency to undersell their own abilities. Taking on some self confidence when it comes to your skills can open up so many doors and opportunities you never would have gotten if nobody knew what you were capable of. Yell to the world about how good you are a hula-hooping, programming computers, or anything in between, and see what comes of it.

6. Changing your mind is ok

This is super simple – every decision you make doesn’t have to be final. It always feels like changing your mind can be the end of the world, and like it will drastically alter the course of your life and maybe the lives of others. It’s not always that dramatic. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

7. Invest in good bed sheets

There’s honestly nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Having some nice sheets can really vamp up your sleep to extents I didn’t think were possible. If you’ve been looking at some way-too-fancy silk sheets, treat yourself. This is a baby lesson in self care and self love. Doing little things for yourself can really help to improve your mindset about life and you’ll wake up feeling your best. There’s no way to go wrong here

P.S. I did 7 Things because I miss Breakout-era Miley Cyrus


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